Scheduling a broadcast email to unopened email contacts

We want to send a followup (in case you missed it — ICYMI) email to people who did not open an email broadcast. I’m aware that we can do this manually, by clicking the Unopened link in reports, then choosing the list and using Action > Send a Broadcast.

However, we want to schedule this. We can do that email batch report and then save the search, but the Saved Search there is not the same as a Saved Search in Contacts. That means we cannot use it as a Sender list.

I think we could apply a tag to each of those people and then use that tag to send to… but let’s say we apply the tag on Monday… by Friday some of those tagged people will have opened the email, so the tagged list is out of date.

Is there any way to do this?

Not sure if you are using your Lead Score actions at all, but if you aren’t, you could get ‘close’ to your desired outcome.

Set up your emails to go out via a campaign, instead of broadcast. Set it up to resend at your desired intervals (basically email, delay timer, same email, etc.). Make sure you have a Stop tag setup (and being removed) after the email sequence with your desired send/resend.

If you set up your lead score to increase 1 for every time they open an email, you can set up your campaign so that “if lead score increases to …” and set it up for ‘increases to 1’ and ‘increases to 2’, etc. — 5 entry points, you could have those trigger the STOP tag. Then, when they open an email, it will pull them out of the campaign.

It isn’t perfect, but outside of setting up external API functionality, this is the closest workaround I know of.