Email Opened Goal Not Triggering

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Email Opened goal to build some new pathways and functionality into some campaigns but am concerned that it is not capturing all of the opens.

In a recent campaign a contact got in touch about receiving the repeat emails, and when checking against their actions in their inbox versus the recorded actions in Infusionsoft on their record, it appears that an email open was not recorded in Infusionsoft.

Both the campaign reporting and their contact record show all three emails as unopened.

However, the screenshot of their inbox shows, and what they have stated is that they opened the second email they received.

Is anyone able to explain why this isn’t being recorded, and how common this may be?

Concerned about resending the same content to people that have actually opened an earlier version and thus should not receive any more, and potentially making spam complaints as a result.


Email open is not a perfect goal to use, as whether the email is reported as ‘opened’ is up to the recipient’s ISP reporting back that info. It is a security setting that is determined on their end. If they opt to not report opens, then Infusionsoft doesn’t get that info and the goal won’t fire. It is a fairly common thing.