How to send a reminder if link not clicked or thank-you if link clicked

I’ve built a campaign for a PDF download. It has:

Web Form Submitted
→ Sequence (apply tag, send email)
→ Email Link Clicked
→ Sequence (Tag Switching - remove tag, add tag)

How do i get IFS to send a followup if the link is not clicked, and a thank you when it is (i.e. a reminder email if they didn’t download our PDF and a helpful followup if they did)?

I’m not sure how to get a decision diamond in the right place here.

Any help is appreciated.

Set up a link click goal after the sequence with the emails and specify the link. It will yank them out once they’ve clicked.

Or a tag goal, and apply the tag when clicked.

Use the Infusionsoft nudge! The Infusionsoft Nudge - Monkeypod Marketing