How to create a yes/no in a sequence?

I am creating an email campaign to re-activate a dormant list.

The logic goes like this:

  1. Send email #1.
  2. Within email #1 is a link to click.
  3. If the recipient clicks the link, the recipient gets reactivated (and sent a thank-you).
  4. If the recipient does NOT click the link, the recipient is sent email #2.

Problem: How do I set up a simple yes/no decision like that within InfusionSoft? There doesn’t seem to be any simple way, and that includes using the “email clicked” icon.

  • The decision diamond’s rules have nothing that allows for a clicked/not clicked decision (to put one in front of two sequences that do different things on yes/no).
  • The “email clicked” icon has no yes/no in it.

Any suggestions?

Hey Gordon, I’m going to challenge you to think about this a little differently.

Instead of thinking about there being two outcomes (one for yes, and one for no), instead think about a linear path, with a link click representing the “yes”.

So, it’d look like this:

Sequence 1 >> Goal 1 >> Sequence 2

The only way to get into Sequence 2 is by achieving Goal 1 (clicking the link), so by default we know that anyone who is STILL in Sequence 1 has not clicked that link.

So, you can use Sequence 1 to deliver the original request, AND any subsequent follow up requests, because you know that the moment they click they’ll be moved on to Sequence 2 and they won’t receive any follow up reminders from that first sequence.

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