Why my "product purchased" trigger doesn't work?

I built a campaign where there’s a sequence of emails; then, if someone purchases a specific category of products (pasta), the system will remove a tag and send him another email (how to use pasta).
But when I checked one of the contacts who have the “Pasta” order recorded (after I had published the campaign), I saw that this contact didn’t go on into the sequence.
Obviously, I have already added the products and assigned them to the correct category.

P.S. I shared the pics of the whole campaign, the first and the second sequences and also the “product purchased” tool.

Thank you very much

second sequence

If the person was not already in your campaign, the purchase action would not have triggered.
Click the little green shopping cart on the bottom left of the purchase goal and change to ‘all contacts’
That way, anyone — whether they are in your campaign or not — will trigger and get the ‘usage’ emails.


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Ok thanks, but I want the system sending that email only to those who purchase the product that i’ve offered in the previous sequence! Not every contact who purchase that product in general.

Then the way you have it set up should work.
Only people who are in the previous sequence will go to the next sequence when that item is purchased.