How can you delete all the campaigns that a certain user is in through the API?

Hey how’s it going?
I want to perform an action through the API that will delete all the campaigns that a certain user is in.

The process is basically that when a certain user signs up to me for a paid program, I delete him from all the campaigns he is in so that he does not continue to receive marketing content and add a tag to him that marks him as a paying customer in the paid program.

Good morning Ori!

Unfortunately I do not believe that we currently have endpoints that provide that functionality, although there is sort of a workaround. If you already know what campaigns and sequences you have available, you could issue a remove call for that contact’s Id from all of them in turn via the REST API: Keap REST API

I will make sure to pass on the idea of an endpoint to list the specific sequences a contact is in to the appropriate team.


  • Tom Scott
    Keap API Engineer

so isn’t there any option I can remove a user for an existing campaign he is in??

I don’t understand how it’s possible

it’s so obvious that when a user join to my program I need to remove him form all the others campaigns he is in!