Add contact to campaign

I am trying to add contact to campaign by using api (Keap REST API)
The above api says that I need contact_id, campaign_id and sequence_id.

I used the get campaign lists api call (Keap REST API) but it does not return any sequence_id for my campaign (
I have sequence in my campaign (

Please guide me for the correct way of adding a contact to a campaign.

Hi @Brian_Brian, if you use the endpoint to retrieve a single campaign, it has a parameter called optional_properties which will allow you to include sequences since they are excluded by default. It should look something like this: ?optional_properties=sequences.

Thank you for the reply Nicholas.
I tried using the get campaign api call (Keap REST API)
My campaign id is 2.
Now I am getting an empty array on sequences key.
Following is the response of the get campaign api call:

My api url and request parameters are following:

Kindly have a look at them and please suggest a solution.

The campaign endpoint will only return sequences that are marked “Ready”. Can you verify that your sequences are green which will indicate that they are ready?

Thank you Nicholas.
Sequences in my campaign were not ready. I activated them and now they are coming in my get campaign api call.

You’re welcome, glad to hear that was the solution!