Why does this happen in a campaign... Skipped because this contact has already moved past

Hi everyone,

I set up and published a campaign Yesterday. Today a tag SHOULD have been applied. However when I look at the contact’s record card… there is a not saying…

“Skipped because this contact has already moved past the point at which it would have been triggered.”

I have seen this before when a contact is added to a campaign where a date timer has been used. However, in this instance, no timer of any sort was used in the sequence. In fact, the adding of the required tag was the first thing being applied.

The sequence was triggered for the contact at least 12 hours after the campaign was published.

So I am at a loss as to why the issue has arisen.

It would be the contact that has previously been through a different sequence in the same campaign. Could it be I need to adjust a setting to allow customers to go through a campaign multiple times in a short period of time?

I welcome your comments and feedback.




Send screenshots of the campaign, the sequence in question, and the history of the persons campaign history (where u saw the error message).


Jeff, I have done some more research on this. And I can see the issue is because the contact is still shown as QUEUED in another campaign. And this is why this tag was not added. What is the current best practice for adding something to the end of a sequence so that the status is changed to DONE.

I read that one way is to add a goal… however in this case… this sequence should run each month when a recurring made via a third party system… so Im not sure adding a goal will work in my use case.

I appreciate all feedback. Thanks Nick

Further after some Googling I found this idea on another site.

It seems that “Removing and Adding” a Tag in a sequence and then adding the same Tag Goal at the end of the campaign could work well in this use case to ensure contacts are always set to DONE and not left as Queued.