Creating a campaign based on updated tags


I’m trying to set up a campaign where I’ve triggered a 3rd party API to update the tags of my contacts based on actions they have taken on a different site.

For my campaign, I’ve set it up that once a contact gets assigned a certain tag, I send them an email and I add a timer for 24 hours that will check to see if they took the action I wanted them to take.

My 3rd party API is set up to update a contact’s tags if they have taken different actions.

What I don’t know how to do is how to check to see if the contact has additional tags added after that 24 hours.

If they haven’t had their tags updated, they land in two states and I want to send reminder emails to them to get them moving forward. Those states are:

  1. Is in the original tagged state - if so, send a reminder email (repeat again every 24 hours for the next 2 days)

  2. Is in the 2nd tagged state, but not in the 3rd tagged state - if so, send a different email

Any idea how I can do that? Thanks in advance!

Hi, @Brian_Woosley,

I moved this to the API Q&A as you are far more likely to find answers to this kind of question here.

I’d say the best approach would be to use REST hooks which will notify your endpoint when a tag is applied (or removed) and then read the contact for the other information and make whatever logic you need do the rest.

Thanks for the help John!

To be clear, all I want to do is check to see if a contact has (or doesn’t have) a certain tag associated to them, and then send an email to them as a result.

So I don’t see why I would need a 3rd party API for that?

Actually, I think I figured it out.

I would set my ultimate tag (which defines that the sequence should end) at the far right of my campaign. That way as soon as someone does the action I want them to, they will stop receiving emails from me trying to take that action.

Found this here: Goals and stopping sequences

Since your question involved the actions from api calls, it was far less likely for the process to be understood by general users. Just the matter of triggering a third party api involves more than general user basic understanding so it was likely to be clearer to those that work with api’s on a regular basis, which is why I had moved it…not because I believed you needed a third party api for a solution.

The other aspect was that you had conditions (multiple combination in fact) and those can’t always be handled in campaign builder though it might be possible with a cascade of decision diamonds, so that was at least an option.

If using a simple exit tag approach solves for it though, then that’s great to hear :wink: