Automatically applying tags when a contact responds to an email

Hi there,
I understand that infusionsoft does not offer support for custom coding or API integrations, however, I am looking to set up an automatic tag to a contact who responds to an email campaign which would trigger the removal of a contact from a campaign. Might be achievable through some html coding or an API integration?

Is there a way to set this up as a goal in a campaign? Or perhaps another way to automatically add a tag so that we can at least bulk-remove contacts who are tagged once they respond during a sequence? I want to avoid adding tags or removing contacts from sequences manually as this becomes tedious with 200+ contact email lists.

The tricky part is that the contacts are simply responding to the email which is coming from my work email, as if it were me just sending them a normal follow-up email. They often prefer to respond directly rather than by clicking a link, which would have been an easy tag goal to set up and automatically remove the contact from the sequence.

Any support or guidance would be much appreciated,

Hi @Lilli_Markle, we do have API endpoints for starting/stopping a campaign as well as applying/removing tags. The only problem that I am unsure how to solve is triggering these calls when they reply directly to your email. Typically I would advise that you setup some sort of link click goal within campaign builder itself by using a mailto link as the reply to your email address.


I haven’t been able to get a link click goal to work for a mailto link in the campaign builder. Is there a trick or work around that I haven’t been able to come up with yet?