Tag all contacts via campaign builder?

Does anyone know of a way to tag all contacts in your account via campaign builder? I know it’s possible, I just don’t know what goal would satisfy a sequence on every contact.

If you were trying to bulk apply tags, you can do that from the contact page. If you do a search for all of your contacts and click the small check box on the top left corner to select all records, you can run an action and apply a tag to all of them. Is that what you’re trying to accomplish?

Yes, I know it can be done that way. I want that process to run once a month automatically so I don’t have to go in and do that monthly.

I have a tag applied goal that I want to run on all of my contacts automatically on an interval.

You can set up a looping campaign with a one month delay. Then put all contacts into it. If it is the same tag you want to apply, then remove that tag and reapply each month.

Would that work?

Yes, that would work beautifully. Thank you for the help. Great suggestion.

Glad it helped.