How to enroll all contacts into a new campaign

I have created a new campaign and want my entire contact list to begin the campaign. How do I start them in the campaign series?

Personally, I would use a tag goal. Start your campaign with a tag that you are willing to apply to everyone. Give it a name that relates to the campaign (you can always remove the tag later if you so desire). Once you have your tag goal created/named, leave campaign builder and go to contacts. Click search without any criteria and it’ll pull up your entire contact list. Hit that little box in the upper left corner of the entire list and it’ll select everyone. Then select the “actions” drop down menu and click ‘apply/remove tag’. Select the tag you picked for your campaign and process the action. Boom. Everyone is now in your campaign and moving through.

Just a little note to be careful of: If your campaign is already published (or as soon as you publish it), everyone you just tagged will start flowing through your sequences. If you’re not ready for that yet, wait until everything else is finished and finalized before tagging everyone.

Hope this helps! Someone else might have a different way of doing this, but this is how I’ve managed so far.


This is what I typically do, too.