How do I add a new contact to an existing campaign?

Hi there,

I created a campaign for an event, a few weeks ago. I want to add some new contacts to that same campaign.

I can’t figure out where or how to add the contact?

There are a number of ways to do this.

If you want to add individual contacts, you can go into their contact record, under the ‘campaign’ tab, where you will find an ‘Add to Sequence’ button, that will allow you to select a sequence to start the contact in.

If you have contacts in a searchable list, you can run an ‘Action’ on the contacts to ‘Start/Stop Campaign Sequence’ which will allow you to choose the campaign and the sequence that you want your list of contacts to start in.

A third option is, to create a tag goal, connected to the starting sequence, and setting a special tag in the goal. (be sure to publish this change if you decide on this method.) Once you have added this special manual tag goal entry point, you could apply the special tag to the contacts that need to get into the campaign.