Automatically Tag Based on Domain?

Hey all!

Is it possible to automatically apply a tag to a new contact based on their domain (or any text in their email address)?

For example: A contact who opts-in with email would be tagged as a Government.

Tried searching and couldn’t find anything.



We wrote a script that does that by full (ex so it can be done. You could use decision diamonds and “contains” “.gov” and the like if you know the ones you’re looking for


Thanks, John! I’ll try this out.

Is it possible to make the action tag the contact so that another campaign (outside of the current one that tags them) is sent to that contact?

For example, in the main opt-in nurture campaign, if the tag “Government” is applied, they’ll be sent a “Government” campaign separate from the main opt-in nurture campaign.

You would just use the “Government” tag as a starting goal for any subsequent campaign

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Hi John, where can I find this script?