Locating where a tag is added

I have contacts with a (historic and no longer used) tag added - some are very new. Using the ‘this tag may be applied by’ function shows nothing adding the tag (i,e, no seq, emails or forms) - how can I discover how/where the tag is being added?


On further looking the ‘this tag may be applied by’ function is clearly not reliable - it doesn’t ID tags I know are in use in sequences…

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If you have any sort of 3rd parties connected, quite often the tags are being applied by them and you may have forgotten/not known about it.

Zapier, PlusThis, API, etc. could be adding the tag based on 3rd party actions, and there is no way to identify how/where the tag comes from.

If you think it is happening inside a sequence, look at someone who recently got the tag applied and look at their campaign history. Look at the campaign they were in and then walk through that campaign step by step to see if the tag is being applied in there. It is a pretty manual process, but it’s how you would find it.

If your campaigns are driven by tag applications, you could run a Campaign Goal Completion report (under marketing reports) to see what campaign completion steps the person has gone through, and that will also show you what campaigns they have flowed through. You can compare that history with the date the tag was added, and see if you can identify which campaign may have added the tag.

Good luck.


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Jeff thanks for taking the time.

The only third party API connections I have are Thrive and OnceHub - but I have other contacts with the tag in question who have no part of any sequences these relate to!

I’ve also tried Keap support - they can’t figure it out either and are apparently escalating…

thx, Dominic