How can I see the date a contact was tagged with a specific tag?

I would like to be able to view contacts on-screen with a specific tag that also shows the date that tag was applied. We are trying to determine new/recent interest in certain services and the date the tag was applied to the contact is important for us to be able to determine if it is new interest (some contacts will have been tagged with the tag in previous years). Is there a search that exists where I can find the relevant tag, then view all the people tagged with it along with the date the tag was first added to their record (without the need to export the list)? Thank you.

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If the tag was applied in the past, that is always going to be the date that shows as the applied date. If there is a tag on a record and you ‘add’ the tag again, nothing happens.

If you want to track the most recent date a tag was applied, you will need to set up the campaign to remove the tag and then reapply it. That will change the application date.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your response. However I’m not sure I asked my question correctly. I would like to know the date the tag was applied to the contact. How do I find that out? You mention the applied date - where can I find that date on the tag on a contact? I can view all contacts with a specific tag but I can’t see the date the tag was applied to each person? It’s also not practical to click into each contact to view the date the tag was applied. What I’m looking for is a search that will show the contacts with that specific tag and a column showing the date the tag was applied to that contact. Can you explain to me how I can find that information please? Thank you.

I chatted with support and they were able to help me. This is how you find the information I was looking for.

Go to Marketing > Reports > Tag Applications

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