Can I search for a Specific Tag by date it was applied?

Hello! I am trying to identify contacts by the tag they clicked but only want the most recent - this tag has been in place for a number of years…how can I specify the date range of that tag being applied in my search?

I have the same question. Did you figure this out?

This is the reply I received:

Here is a quick and easy workaround.

Tag your customer with a temporary tag (could be anything). (TEMP: LastName).

Then, under ecommerce – reports, run the All Sales Report.
In the criteria, choose a huge timeframe (back to 2010, etc.), then in the Misc Criteria section, choose the tag that you just created for that customer.

Then run the report.

That will give you every charge you’ve ever charged them.

Hope that helps.

I actually have tags set up for such things – they are X, Y and Z. A little cumbersome but it gets me what I want!


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Nice - Good work around. thanks!