Export to csv the date tag applied to contact


I want to export to CSV the date tags are applied to contacts.

This information is available on the Contacts page on the tag tab. However, it is not export when I do as search - action - export from the Contact General tab.


I assume that you are referring to Last Updated and Date Created? Those are available through standard exports.

@John_Borelli, I could be wrong but I think @Piers_Shepperson is referring to the date that the tag is applied, which may or may not be the same as Last Updated or Date Created which are referring to the record itself.

If you go to a contact’s info page, the tag tab you see a list with four columns. #(Applied, Tag, Catagory, Remove). I wish to export this information. There is a “Create a new Tag” button at the botom of the Remove column and a “Apply new tag” at the bottom of the Applied column.

The date applied can be different for each tag, so I am expecting a list indexed by both contact Id and Tag Id.

I think I have worked it out.

Go to Go to Marketing > Reports > Tag Application . Hit search then select all box and Action export.

Thanks everyone


ah…the date THAT tags are applied to the contact. Yes, I would have suggested the tag application report then lol