Same users through Campaign Sequence twice

Hello I am hoping someone can help with this. I am trying to create a campaign that updates a field to state the date when the last action was taken. This is done by tags that are added into emails using emailAttacher.

When a tag is added it updates a field, adds another tag that starts another campaign sequence, once that tag is added it should be marked as complete by the goal.

See my screenshots below:

The next campaign removes both of these tags straight away which is working fine.

If two e-mails are sent with emailAttacher and the tag is added after the contact has been through once, the field will not update and TAG B will not be added. It recognises that TAG A is added however goes no further.

Maybe I am missing something but any assistance with this would be much appreciated.

Any tags that you use as triggers you must be sure to remove as soon as you are done with them, otherwise, the next time an attempt to raise the tag happens, it will not trigger as a tag being raised because it’s still/already there.

Hi John,
Both the tags are removed in a separate campaign during the first sequence but still a user cannot go through this campaign again. Should I not remove a tag in a separate campaign?

Well, without having more specifics, I’d say it’s possible for the attempt to go through again before that second campaign runs. Doing it in the first campaign rather than the second really depends on how it’s organized and what you’re doing with each.