Didn't run because tag already applied?

So I’ve come across this error in my campaign. Contacts are entered into a campaign and follow-up sequence to receive packaged information at their request when they are tagged after filling in the request form.

However, filling in the form again will not send them the packaged information because they already have the tag. I was fairly sure that this interaction wasn’t like this previously and that applying a tag that a contact already had would result in the goal being completed again and would move them accordingly.

Is this not the case?

If a contact has a tag on them and you try to reapply the same tag, no automation will be triggered.

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Thanks for the clarification, Jeff.

Has this always been the case? I’ve made a lot of adjustments to my campaigns today because I discovered that contacts filling in the same form a week apart weren’t able to receive the information they requested the second time (form for packaged information download via email).

Glad I found out sooner rather than later, thanks again for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Yes, @Joe_Gillespie, this has always been the case. If a tag is functioning as a “trigger” tag, best practice is to remove it right after it has done it’s job so that it can be applied again.

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It has always been that way. We use what we call System tags to drive automation. The System tag gets added to trigger whatever automation you want, then you remove it immediately from the person inside the sequence. You can then add any other tag (which we call Profile tags) to identify the stuff you want to track (“signed up for X”). The Profile tag can stay on the record, but the System tag, since added and then immediately removed, always allows for the automation to trigger.

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Thanks Cheryl, that’s what I’ve done now. Had to frantically shuffle around and create new tags but I think I have it all sorted now! :smiley:

Ah, I understand. This is the system I’ve adopted now, everything should be fine now I think, thanks again for your help.

Great! We’re always learning, right? :slight_smile:

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Absolutely :smiley: