Unable to use same Tag twice

In our industry - We have returning Clients that have to go thru a “process” where a Phone Meeting is to take place - We’ve created and use a Tag when this is scheduled - But when they come back, we’re not able to use the same Tag again.

We have no reason to report it separately and I’m being VERY careful by not adding Tags unless I’m 100% convinced we need it.

Any ideas?

Hi @Cindy_Glover !

You could always un-tag them. This could be done automatically or manually.
I am trying to grasp why you need a tag for that.

Have you tried using tasks or opportunities for client management?

If you really need to use tags, then what I have used in the past is a temporary tag and I would use that to trigger an automated campaign when it gets added. Then, it just removes the temp tag, tries to remove the actual tag (this is so it can be reapplied if the client already has the tag in question) then wait 1 minute (not sure if this was needed or not) and finally just reapplies the actual tag.
That way it is removed and re-added so that the date the tag was applied was changed as well.

If you are trying to see how many times they have come back, then that would be a different process.
Let me know and I will be more than happy to share my ideas!

– Dillan

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Actually - We are a Contracting company so we have scenarios where the President of the company wants to speak with (or has in the past) but want to keep track and know that we’ve had previously setup a Phone Conversation.

I have since created an Internal Form where he fills it out with the details of the conversation - That, to me, is a perfect way of knowing if he’s spoken to said Client. What are your thoughts?

We don’t (yet) have the version where Opportunities are available to us - Truthfully, I don’t know all that much about it?

And thank you @Dillan_Archer - I really appreciate you taking the time to try and help me out!