Campaign Builder - Create Task - Duplicating issue, if I created copy of Campaign?

Hi All,

I have a Campaign that after 2 months it creates a task on this person to follow them up about Item A (to make sure they are going all good with it).

But I do this for multiple Items, so I have just created a copy of my first campaign, but changed the wording to Item B.

My campaign is started by a Tag eg. Item A

Now, i have had an issue, where a customer has purchased this item a, so i tag them with it, but then it is coming up with a task 2 months later, for item b and c.

I have checked all the campaigns, to make sure that none have accidently been apply if tagged with Item A,b,c etc. and then i have checked if they may have accidently gotten multiple create task, but nothing.

I cannot find any duplication issue at all. Has anyone else had this problem?

You said that you ‘copied’ the campaign. Did you change the tag that kicks off the campaign?
Sounds like you may have left the TagA at the start of the campaign so people are going through campaign A, B, C.

If you can, send screenshots and/or a Loom video of the campaign structure and the tags that are being applied to kick off the campaign. That will help folks help you troubleshoot.


Hi Jeff,

I had to upload the video to YouTube and link it because it wont allow me to upload a video to here. Please let me know when you have watched it, so I can delete the video.

Am I meant to be looking at a different location for the tag?

I watched the video (there was no audio - only music), but all the tags and sequences looked correct to me.
Not sure where/how the tags are being applied. If they are being applied automatically (via integration), you may want to double-check that.

On any of the contacts who have the double Tasks, look at their tags and see if they have both.
I would think that would be the key to why this is happening.

Make sure you don’t accidentally have a tag application where it is applying tags in a Category (as that would apply all the tags in a given category at one time and could be triggering all the tags you showed in the video).


Hi Jeff,

Yeah I have gone over all of that and just can’t find anything. :frowning:

Hi Jeff,

sorry to waste your time.

I found it.

I went through all Campaigns like ones that didn’t have to do with these Items but had similar follow ups and they had a tag allocation for the category.

thank you for your assistance.