Copying processes within a campaign

I know that it’s possible to copy sequences between campaigns.
Is there any provision for copying a process (ie, Apply/Remove Tag) between sequences in the same campaign?
Seems silly to have to define the same list of tags over & over between otherwise disparate sequences.


There is no way to copy just the tag application/removal action.

You can copy HTTPs posts, set field values, etc but not for tags.
If you know you are going to be adding/removing the same tags throughout the entire campaign, you could create one sequence with that tag action set up, then replicate that and continue your buildout.

Also, if the tag application/removal is not going to happen in quick succession, and is the same for all sequences, you could possibly set up an ‘add/remove tags’ action (it would be at tag application), and upon application of that one tag, it would trigger a stand alone sequence that would add/remove the bulk tags that you want (not the best setup, but I’ve used it before).

So, basically, if you had 20 tags you wanted to remove inside multiple sequences, instead of removing 20 tags, you would apply the ‘add/remove tags’ Tag — and that tag would be a Tag Goal that triggers a sequence where you would remove the 21 tags (the tag that got you here and the 20 tags you want to remove)


Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the possible work-around. Didn’t think there was anything native but often there are “creative” solutions.

Just be aware that the ’tag applied to remove all tags’ process can only work if you are not triggering it repeatedly in quick succession.
The Campaign Builder has a 15 minute delay it puts on tag goals that are fired in quick succession (kind of as a stop-gap to automation errors), so if you are going to be triggering that for the same contact repeatedly/quickly, that would not be a good solution.