Apply and remove tag is not working


I applied a tag by clicking a URL in a broadcast we send.
The applied tag is included in a campaign as a goal. If the Tag is applied, the campaign runs and removes other tags - but that does not work at least with contacts which already has been added/ run through to that campaign once.

Question: Isn’t it possible to have a contact running through a campaign several/ endless times as soon as a tag is applied?

My idea is to let people change the desired language for future broadcasts - this should be possible as often as the contact want to change the language (in my understanding)

campaign example :

Tag A applied (by click URL in broadcast) → remove Tag B, Tag C, Tag D
Tag B applied (by click URL in broadcast) → remove Tag A, Tag C, Tag D

Thanks for your help in advance

You can repeatedly put someone through a sequence as long as two things happen:

  1. You remove the tag that is the tag goal before the sequence so the action can trigger again
  2. You remove the person from the sequence before trying to put them back into the sequence. It is impossible to put someone into a sequence they are already in.

I would create a 4th tag (‘restart’). Set up a tag goal behind your sequences that is triggered by this tag. This will pull everyone out of the Tag A, Tag B, etc sequences In the sequence that follows that restart tag, remove the restart tag and trigger your starting tag. Have a decision diamond based on Tag A, Tag B, etc to put people back into their appropriate sequence.

Let me know if that’s not clear and I can send a screenshot (replying from phone at this moment).


Update even by taking a brand new contact in a brand new campaign with the same settings doesn´t work. Try to get the new contact running trough the campaign by clicking the URL, applying the tag, does not work. Yesterday I do not faced such kind of problems - could it be that infusionsoft have issues today running a campaign like mentioned above?

Hi Jeff,

thank you for your fast reply - just want to share a screenshot from the new campaign I set up to test if a new contact is working … In my understanding this should work, or are there any mistakes?

The screenshot shows the campaign and the detailed view of the Tag Goal and the Sequence … hope that helps

This would work one time, but if you ever wanted to put the person back into the sequence it’s not going to work. You need to remove your initial “language DE“ tag that you kick off the campaign with if you want this to be able to run a second time.

Hi Jeff,

I tried to work out what you purposed but still seem that a contact stocking in the campaign when he switch between languages and choose a previous selected language a second time

If a contact chooses Lang DE - > switch to Lang EN it works
But if he wants to go back to Lang DE then it doesn’t work … maybe you have an idea why?

I created two campaigns and tried both (Find screenshots below) - but non of them is working to have a contact switch his language when ever he wants with no limitation

Any Idea? Maybe send me a screenshot as you purposed would help :slight_smile:

Campaign 1

Campaign 2 (currently unpublished)

I think I see the issue, but would need to go a little deeper. If you are willing, grant me partner access to your backend and I can look at the whole campaign. Go to users - add PARTNER - enter my email (, make sure it says ‘admin = yes” (green) and submit.

Then tell me the campaign number of this campaign and I can go in and check the entire flow that you have.

Hi Jeff, thanks for follow up to my request :slight_smile: I added you as partner. Campaign ID 990

Thanks for access.
Just emailed you at events@


Check your events@ email address.


Ok just saw the message - I will check and tell you if the problem is fixed.

A big thank you for the kind help!