Finding tags within goals in many campaigns

I have 40 LTN Campaigns, all structured the same, separate so they’re managable and all follow the same basic structure SEQ1 (2 emails,) → a goal(that pulls them on and moves them off to SEQ2 (a 10 day wait, tag cleanup and then off to the next Value prop campaign)

I’m focused on focus is on the Goals in between the first seq and the second seq that moves them on. Is it possible to extrapolate from Max Classic, all the tags used in the goals so I can manage them?

I want to make sure they’re in my LTN Conversion tag category. Also, as an added bonus, I put the tag number at the end of EVERY tag I create so I can reference those numbers and not get caught up in spelling nightmares after clear short names are given. Thanks!

There is an API call that you can do that will pull all the data from the campaigns, an in that data you can see the tag names/ids that are being used.

If you aren’t familiar with doing any of that, email me direct ( and we could probably set something up for you for a few hundred bucks that would pull all of that data for you so you would have it at your fingertips.