Help with tagging a campaign for opportunity stages

I have set up a campaign whereby when an opportunity stage is moved it moves into the next email sequence.

However i don’t want everyone at these opportunity stages going into this campaign only the ones with a certain tag.

I went onto support who added a tag before the first sequence but at the same stage as the first opportunity stage. This does not work because anyone who you add to this opportunity stage goes into the campaign and not the ones specifically tagged.

If i add a tag at the beginning it will not link to an opportunity stage

So how do i tag this campaign so that only when people with a certain tag will go into this campaign and not everyone at these opportunity stages will receive these emails

So have the Opportunity Stage move goal linked to TWO sequences. One is the ‘actual’ campaign the other is an empty sequence (make sure you still switch it on)

In the decision diamond that forms you can then filter on the tag.

Hope that helps


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Great thanks Andy. Problem solved :slight_smile:

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