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I have a question please…

I have hundreds of contacts going through a 12 email sequence. At the end of the sequence and after a further 90 days, I want a subset of those contacts to receive a further 3 emails. The subset already have a specific tag applied.

So my question. If I add a process tag (the specific tag for the subset) to the end of the 12 email sequence, will the 3 follow on emails only go to the subset or will that tag get applied to everyone in that sequence and they all end up getting the 3 emails?

If they all get them, how do configure the sequence so only the subset get them please?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Graham, I just want to make sure I am on the right track, you have a sequence with Active contacts, and want to add a Tag to the end of the sequence BUT you don’t want all the Active contacts to be tagged, is that right?

Hi Amanda

Yes that’s correct. Basically we have a mortgage form and virtually everyone who completes it goes into this campaign sequence of 12 emails. But 3 months after that we want 3 more emails to go out to those who said they were looking to remortgage when filling out the form. The remortgage leads were assigned an additional remortgage tag after filling out the form.

Hope that makes sense.


You bet. You would want to use a Decision Diamond to filter the contacts that said they were looking to remortgage into once sequence and everyone else into another sequence.

The Diamond can look at any contact record criteria to base the logic. Here is a Help Guide.

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Thanks Amanda. So I’d just apply this after all the leads have gone through the initial 12 emails?

Exactly, you would connect the sequence with the emails you want ALL contacts to receive and then connect that sequence to 2 separate sequence. One for the Interested in remortgage and Second for everyone else.

Example of how to create the diamond from a sequence

Hi Amanda,

Got it all set up now. Thanks very much for your help.