Adding a tag to the end of a sequence

Hello. If I add a tag to start a new campaign at the end of a sequence in a published campaign will all contacts (active and Queued) be sent into the new campaign? Wondering if this will only affect active contacts? Thanks!

Hi @Phadra_Herringshaw

How to answer this… yes and no… heh.

Alright, so, if you were to add a tag to the end of a sequence, the active contacts that are working through the sequence would, of course, get the tag. Now, for the queued contacts, this is where it gets a little different. There is something called the 7 day rule, meaning, if a contact has been queued for less than 7 days, they can come back into ‘Active’ to receive a late addition to the sequence, but contacts that had been in there longer would remain queued, and not receive this.

If you are looking for a way to ensure that all Active and Queued receive the tag, I would recommend adding an additional sequence after the sequence in question, and putting the tag in there. This would ensure that all queued contacts funnel into a new sequence and receive the tag, while the active contacts would just migrate over the the new sequence naturally, when they finish the existing sequence.

let me know if this helps out. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much James. Very helpful!!

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