Push Through Sequence

I have contacts in the middle of a sequence that I want to push through immediately. They are sitting on a timer for a wait of 24 days.

I created a new sequence for all new contacts to go through, so I want to push the contacts in my current sequence through without waiting the 24 days and kill this campaign so that I can launch my new campaign.

You should be able to connect this sequence that they are waiting in, to a tag goal, and then that tag goal to the new sequence. Once you have published, you can apply this tag to the contacts sitting at the timer so they can hit the goal and move into the new sequence. Let me know what you think on this.

There are a couple of ways to do this. As long as there’s nothing following the 24 day timer in that sequence, then you can just remove the timer and republish. If you have a sequence connected on the back end, the contacts will immediately flow into that next sequence. If you want them to flow into a new campaign, then you can remove timer, let the contacts flow into a new sequence, in that sequence apply a tag that achieves a goal in the new campaign.

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