Timing of applying tags to contacts

Hello –

I have imported contacts in to Infusionsoft and have various campaigns ready to go. However, my issue now is timing and making sure that the wrong campaigns don’t start for some of my contacts.

I have not put any tags on my contacts yet because I don’t want a campaign to start that shouldn’t – if that makes sense.

Which should come first? A published campaign or a tag?

The problem, I think is that some of my current contacts that should start a sequence will be (properly) tagged the same as some of my old contacts that I want to go back and put in. However, I do NOT want these old contacts to start on this new sequence.

Thoughts, advice, suggestions needed and appreciated!


ML Walden

Hi, @Walden_Pfannenstiel. After you hit the publish button, you will get this prompt that should answer your question:

Thank you – if you ‘view contacts’, can you decide which of the 7 that you want to add to the campaign or is it an all or nothing?

all or nothing