New record or contact

I would like to automate an initial process for new contacts when a tag is applied. So as an example I want to

  1. input a new record
  2. add a specific tag

And then start a process (X,Y,Z, could be a call, email, letter, fax, link)

  1. Send out an initial email
  2. wait 2 weeks and send out X
  3. wait 30 days send out Y
  4. Wait 45 days send out Z

The sequence is stopped once the tag is removed

Can you direct me to a youtube video or resource on how to accomplish this

Thanks in advance

Awesome question Terry - and I loved the way you asked it.

I recorded a video that I think should show you how to handle this process: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Also, in case you’re interested in the course I mentioned you can check it out here.


Greg thank you for the video it explained exactly what I wanted to do perfectly. You are indeed good at what you do. Your help will increase my sales and now allows me to better utilize Campaign builder. Excellent communication on how to do this. I will be recommending you to our team and will review your courses. Thanks again


Right on! Glad to hear it.