Organizing Tags

Setting up and organizing tags can get confusing and sometimes out of hand. @JustinHandley has written ab amazing post about how to choose tag categories and set up trigger sequences on our product blog.

If you have some questions about tags that his article doesn’t address, or you want more information, this is a great place to ask them and discuss.

ETA: Justin’s follow-up post about tag cleanup went live today. Check it out here!

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Thank you for sharing this, Ellis. Great article @JustinHandley!

Hi @Ellis_Friedman and @martinc - thanks for posting this. This is my first internet connection in almost 7 days - we are still deep in the midst of the Maria aftermath here in PR but I will respond if and when I can.

Thanks for the update, @JustinHandley. We appreciate the great content. Keep us informed on how you are doing.

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I’m surprised there are only 3 replies to this in 2 years. Question: When importing campaigns from the Marketplace, there are tags that are imported too and they don’t seem to have any unified Categories. How do you propose managing tags imported with campaigns? Renaming according to my own structure, I suppose.