Updating Tag Categories

Hi all! I’m going through our tags and need to change the categories on a bunch of them. I know how to re-categorize the tags, but my concern is that it will mess up any campaigns that currently use those tags. Does anyone know if I can change the tag’s categories without interrupting campaigns?

You can change categories, names, etc. without impacting your campaigns.
The only thing that would impact is if you deleted the tag.

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Awesome! Thanks for your help.

This made me think of something…

As @Jeff_Arnold mentioned, deleting a Tag will cause campaign to error - If I renamed them to - Do Not Use - Would that be OK?

Realizing, the campaign that Tag is associated with is not going to be used (but not comfortable deleting ANYTHING at this point) - So I’m applying a different Tag (basically, I’m deleting more than 1/2 our Tags to be more efficient and a better “flow”).

This looks like a bunch of bumble but I know what I’m TRYING to say but cannot seem to get it out yet…

If you renamed like that and then go through the campaigns, as long as you don’t see that name inside of the campaign tag applications, you can delete them.