How to best tidy and organize my back end?

I have been with Infusionsoft forever and everything nowadays has become quite messy.

Are there any helpful tips on cleaning up PRODUCTS, CAMPAIGNS, and TAGS without too much damage? I am deep into all this and sometimes I just want to blow it up and start fresh.

I am now using Segmetrics and I see that the data it is pulling from me is very messy. UGH.


Shoot me your email and I’ll send you some naming conventions you can use for Campaigns and Tags (in case you aren’t using them).

For campaigns — that’s tough, as we can’t see what you have and it’s pretty dependent on what all you have set up.

For tags, you can export them to Excel, edit (rename/organize) and then do a ‘data cleanup’ and upload them to get the names adjusted (make sure to keep the TagID associated with them).


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