Automating a hiring campaign

I have crafted a hiring campaign that has worked for me in the past, but I want to try to improve it and am looking for ideas from this group.

So the way it works now, each step of the process is triggered by someone on my end accepting a task (either the applicant did the intended step or they didn’t). I can do that within the task list on my dashboard (but I cannot do it if I go in to my full task list – so if I have more tasks than my dashboard allows, I can’t trigger the next step appropriately).

Does anyone have ideas on how I could get a similar result using an alternative process? I’m happy to clarify anything to help in the process.

Thanks in advance!

Can you work with applying tags? If you name them correctly then it should be easy enough to push people through the process with tags.

Speaking of which, you have a lot of sequences where your contacts are going to get “stuck”, aka enqueued, because you don’t pull them out of the sequences. If they ever run through them again, it won’t work, because they’ll already be in the sequence still. Even if you don’t think they will run through again, getting contacts stuck in the sequences will definitely, eventually, cause performance issues with your app. This is usually handled with tags to the right of the sequence that you drop at the beginning of the sequence and then raise at the end, to ensure they get removed from the sequence.

How would the tagging process work? Would I need to go into each contact and manually apply the tag?

In terms of places where contacts will get stuck – I’m not sure if any contacts will be going back through the process. If they get to the in person portion, they’ll either be offered the position or tagged “candidate pool” for future potential hires (which I would email that tag and offer them to come in for a new interview). If they didn’t get that far, there’s a reason, so I probably won’t have them go through it again.