How to avoid sending campaign emails when contact is targeted by another campaign?

Hi all,

I created a nurturing campaign and I would like to avoid sending mails to prospects while they are receiving other content (like campaigns following up after a conversion).

How do you achieve this? Here is what I tried to do (TLDR: it does not work as expected)

I created 2 tags, “Stopper” and “Resumer”, the first delays the sending of the mail until the second tag is applied. The campaign is composed of elements that look like this;


So the whole campaign looks like this:

Now, the issue that I have with this set up is that once the resumer tag is applied all the goals of the campaign are triggered regardless of being connected or not to the sequence where the contact is queued (Note: the only goal with no predecessor is the initial tag trigger).

Anyone ever had a similar problem? how did you solve it?

This one might need a bit of thinking, as the issue is, the contact appears to be in the campaign, and campaign goals are achievable by any contact, anywhere in the campaign. That is the roadblock that is causing what you are experiencing.

Some of our Partners here in the community may have some further insight into alternatives to setting up Resume/Pause campaigns, but from what I see here, it looks like you may need to create a system to apply specific tags during specific sequences, that could be used in decision diamonds to filter contacts into empty sequences that they should not get into, when the trigger tag is applied.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply.

If I understand correctly you are proposing to switch the generic “Resumer” and “Stopper” tag with specific tags (Like, i’d say, “Stopper1, Stopper2, etc”), correct?

Yes, this would be the idea. Something to avoid contacts who are in the campaign from achieving multiple “identical” goals. That is where the issue is. The contact is in the campaign, which allows them to hit any tag goal / multiple tag goals that contain the same tag.