Do not send/subscribe to a campaign if already received

Our website visitors are added to a general campaign if they download one of a number of a reports from our website. At the end of the campaign, a meeting offer is emailed to the contact. If users download a few reports over a few months, they will receive multiple emails offering meetings. I would like to add a step into my campaign which tells it “do not subscribe the contact to this campaign if they have already received it”. How do I do that please?

Hi Stuart,

So what you would need to do is:

  1. Add into the sequence where the offer email is an Apply Tag tool applying a tag called ‘Meeting Offered’ - this tag will need to stay on the contact record permanently.

  2. Pull out a blank sequence below the one that has the offer email in

  3. Attach this sequence to the goal/sequence that leads into the offer sequence, this will cause a decision diamond to be created

  4. In the Decision Diamond the rules will be

For the Meeting Offer sequence
Contacts Tags Doesn’t Contain Meeting Offered

For the filter sequence
Contacts Tags Contains Meeting Offered

Hope that makes sense!


Great! Thanks Andy

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