Sending an email to a tagged group

Hi guys - I’m new here, I did some training back in November but am only just getting round to implementing, and very keen to get things moving.

I want to send an email out just to my clients - I’ve uploaded all my data and created a record for each of them, I auto created a tag called ‘client’ for all clients as I did this.

I want to send an email just to my clients with an offer, ideally within a campaign rather than just as a broadcast. Is this possible?

Also there appears to be an ‘existing list’ goal in many of the training videos but I can’t find this on my dashboard - am I missing something with this?

Thanks in advance for your advice,


Hi Matt,

I would suggest creating a campaign that starts with a new tag goal, leading into your email sequence. Once you have completed and published your campaign, you can search your contacts for people with the tag ‘Client’ and select them all, and run an ‘Action’ to apply the trigger tag for this campaign, so that they will be able to drop in, and receive your campaign email.

I want to apologize for the confusion in your training materials. This ‘Existing list’ marker was not a goal, as more of a visual representation for your campaign. It had no functionality. We had found, that these place markers caused a lot of confusion, and we made a decision a while back to remove these.

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Thanks so much, makes a lot of sense! Thanks regarding the training materials explanation too.

I’ve done this and set it up to go out on Monday - if I wanted to cancel this, how would I now do this?

Also if I wanted to exclude people within this tagged group who also have another tag, is this possible?

Thanks, Matt

If you are going by the method of pulling up your tagged list, to apply this new trigger tag, you have the ability to select all the contacts in your search, but you could also deselect some of the individual contacts in the search, before applying the trigger tag, that launches them in the campaign.