Funneling the right emails into the right funnel tags

Hi, I was wondering where is the best advice to ensure we are funnelling the right emails into the right tags? For instance, if a prospects enters their email we then want to send them blogs/ testimonials etc and later if they buy from us switch them automatically into a current client list in which they then recieve different set of emails e.g. Review us, Manage delivery, Usage instructions etc.


Hi james, how much experience do you have with the campaign builder?

Basically when a goal is achieved you can stop sequences running.

So at the end of the prospect campaign you could have a tag goal ‘listening’ for the tag ‘Purchased’ being applied to the contact, this would stop that campaign running.

You could have another campaign starting from the same tag (I like to do this in different campaigns, as I build modular) that then does the WOW and ongoing comms

Hope that helps


Thanks Andy, that sounds great. We do have some experience with the campaign builder but have ran into difficulties at times. Is there training videos or live webinars on those specific features we can see/attend?

Thanks in advance. Appreciate it.

Use tags for all of the segmentation and then use those tags to kick off the marketing campaigns that you want to deliver.

So, if they are a newsletter only person, deliver the newsletters.

Once they purchase product A, then apply a tag saying “Bought Product A” and have that tag kick off a campaign that delivers them info about Product A, and then upsells/cross-sells Product B, etc.


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Always a good place to start:

if you want done for you/with you, then drop me a PM and I can happily explain what EXELA can offer support wise.

All the best