Are you successfully running tripwire funnels?

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to infusionsoft, great at the campaigns and broadcasts but still feeling my way around the programming and nitty gritty stuff.

I’m just wondering if any of you have found tripwire funnels useful for segmenting your lists and improving open rates etc.

I’d love any feedback anyone wants to share.


We do incorporate a tripwire in most of the sales funnels we do for our clients as a full service marketing agency, @Jacqui_James. But…we’ve found that making sure that your core offer (that one offer that serves as the king pin in your business) is right is far more important. That core offer could be a free consult, a paid application, a loss leader product…whatever leads to the most engagement and ultimately the greatest lifetime customer value.

Tripwire is a big buzz word right now but just make sure that there is an overall plan in plan beyond the tripwire. I hope that helps a little.


Thank you @Cheryl_Hunt.

We still have a lot more planning to do, but so pleased you mentioned it. It is sort of like validation :slight_smile:

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You’ll be just fine :slight_smile: Just getting one tripwire out there to see what people respond to is the first step. As you test variations of it, you’ll find what your audience resonates with. Good luck @Jacqui_James!

One suggestion. Split test. It’s easy to think something successful based on income rather than number of conversions/leads or vice versa. Gather the numbers. You’ll be glad you did :wink: