How to apply tag in external thank you page?

Hi, I’m a newbie to Infusionsoft and email marketing :D. I want to track who visited my thank you page through a registration page which I linked in the email. Both my thank you page $ registration page are not wordpress, but another platform. And then I want to tag who registed my form (who visited thank you page) and who weren’t automatically. Can I do that?

Another question, can I divide 2 groups (or more) of funnels in 1 campaign? For example, I offer customer some choices, they clicked and split into different funnels, and I take care all of them in 1 campaign? I’m new to email marketing so I don’t know much in this.

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For the form, you can set up a sequence behind the form that applies a tag to anyone who has completed the form. That tag will be your identifier for those who completed the form.

For the split — yes, you can do that. You can use either a Link Click Goal inside the Campaign Builder to move those who click a link through a different sequence, or you can apply a tag in your emails for the various click options and then tag them based on what they click. Those tags can trigger automation to drive a different sequence of events.


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You can setup an automation link that raises a tag and then use that link in a hidden img tag making the src=“automation link url”.

You can have as many separate lanes of sequences in a campaign as you want, with different goals to make contacts enter them (often just different tags but could be any goals you wish).

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I used web page automation to track who visited my form, but it only let who visited it go through the next sequence, I couldn’t do anything with those who not registed.
I tried to use decision diamond but it doesn’t have option to add URL to split funnel :((

Thanks a lot btw :smiley:

Those who don’t fill out the form will stay in your ‘order form’ sequence and get followed up with as long as you wish.

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