Applying tags to Wordpress Opt-In

Hi everybody!! Newbie here, sequence question:
Using the Wordpress Opt-In, I have a Thank You Email Sent sequence to new members once they submit their First, Last and Email from the site. That submitted info also has a Tag connected to it because of our large, various client list. I tested with my info, but my name isn’t being pulled up when I search for that tag. Am I missing a step?

Also, I’m assigning an owner to these new members and how do I incorporate that into the sequencing? Will the new owner receive an email/notification that a new person submitted their info in order for him to contact them?

I’m setting up this sequence so my co-worker can manage the contacts once it’s working properly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Take a look at your contact record and make sure the tag is present. My guess is that you may be looking at the wrong contact record.


For the second part of the question, you could simply add a notification email to the owner as part of the sequence. You will need to copy/paste this in the To: Email Address ~Owner.Email~ and then change the from address to be from you or whomever you want it to be.


@Jenna_Bradshaw. In addition to @martinc examples and direction above, is the tag being applied elsewhere before entering the campaign? or possibly, should it be applied in the campaign itself? I’m not clear on how you are wanting to manage the tag segmentation.