How to create a rule to remove a contact from one campaign to another

My client wants to run two campaigns

#1 is longer than the other and results if someone opts in for a lead magnet

The #2 campaign is shorter email sequence and is a result of requesting information about the same
program as the campaign #1

He wants me to set up something so if a person opts in to the #2 campaign
they are removed from the #1 campaign and get no future emails #1

I think this can be done with a tag however not sure how the rule should be set up to complete this.

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The best way would be a tag that is applied in the beginning of Campaign 2. You can set a tag goal at the end of campaign 1, looking to be met by this same tag. Meaning, If I am in campaign 1, but enter campaign 2, a tag called (Stop Campaign 1) could be applied to me. Back in campaign 1, my ‘end goal’ could be a tag goal looking for the (Stop Campaign 1) tag to be applied, meaning I would be immediately pulled from Campaign 1’s sequence.

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@James_Mefford is on the money. You could also use opportunities and pipeline automation to do the same thing.