Setting priority of multiple campaigns to prevent multiple campaigns from sending emails at the same time

We have multiple products and have a web form for our audience to check the boxes (apply tag) of which products they’re interested in. This triggers individual campaigns for each product each with a series of 3 emails over 9 days. How do I set a campaign priority so that only one campaign runs at a time in priority order? I’ve attempted using tags and decision diamonds to pend campaigns until the previous campaign has completed but I’m clearly missing something as multiple emails continue to go out at the same time… Any guidance or suggestions is much appreciated.


You could set up a sequence like this, or use the Sequencer tool by PlusThis (extra cost).

Basically, after the form is completed and you have applied Tags for all of the product options they want, you would trigger the first tag.

Then, you would say “do they have the tag for product 1”

YES = Top sequence where you send the 3 emails

NO = Bypass

Then both of those decisions diamonds are “Do they have the tag for product 2”

YES = Top sequence

NO = Bypass

This will make sure they go through the campaigns they have chosen and they will go sequentially.

If they only chose product 3 and 4, they will bypass 1 and 2 instantly and start getting 3, etc.

Hope that helps.



Thank you Jeff! I’ll give this a try. It will be some effort to combine all of the individual campaigns into one but in the long run should make it much more efficient to manage AND deliver emails in the proper sequence. Thanks again!

If you know that each campaign runs for 9 days, inside the TOP sequences, you can simply apply the tag that starts that particular sequence, set a 10 day delay timer and then have it flow through to the decision diamond. That would accomplish the same thing, but would be triggering other campaigns, not combining all in one.


This is where it gets gray for me. Would adding the delay timer be redundant if it takes 9 days to complete the sequence? I do have 3-day delay’ s setup within each sequence. With all the campaigns currently separate I did think to add timers to wait x number of days prior to starting a campaign to accommodate for higher priority campaigns. It would make sense if a contact in interested in all of the products bud didn’t want to delay emails if say a contact is not interested in products 1 and 2 then they’d have to wait 18 days before we send them info for product 3. Then again I may not be completely understanding your idea without a diagram. smile:

They would not wait 18 days.
Here is an explanation:



You’re amazing! Yes, your video explanation makes perfect sense. Essentially I’d set up a “priority control” campaign to manage the order and timing of triggering each individual product campaign. This is the piece I’ve been missing AND I don’t have to rebuild all of my individual product campaigns into one.

I will need to slightly modify how I’m using my tags. I currently have “Interested in Product 1, 2, 3, etc” tags which is applied as the contact checks the box in the web form. Then have a Campaign Triggered for Product 1,2,3, etc" tags which will now be applied in the “priority control campaign” to trigger the start of the separate product campaigns. “Campaign complete for Product 1, 2, 3” etc… tags are added at the end of each product campaign to avoid a contact repeating the same campaign in the future (built into the priority campaign decision diamonds) and as an indicator to our sales team that the campaign has been completed. Triggered tags are also removed at the end of each campaign to keep the tags clean. I will give this a try!! Thank you again!!!

Glad I could help.