How do I end a sequence with a tag?

Hello! I’m building a student engagement campaign for an online course, sending out periodic emails sharing how far along students should be in order to finish on time, and including study tips, etc. I want to make sure students who finish early don’t continue to get these emails, by applying a graduate tag I’ve set up. I’m just not sure where to place that goal tag in relation to the email sequence, and haven’t been able to find the relevant video or article. Many thanks in advance for any assistance!

Hi Veronica!

So, you’ll want to have a goal at the end of the sequence (on the campaign level, not inside the sequence), and the goal method you’d use is a Tag Applied Goal, this means the goal is achieved when a tag is applied - it’s basically just a listening beacon, that way the sequence will stop when that goal is achieved and the emails will stop.

This blog post should help:

And if you want, here’s a course that covers this (and more), it’s a paid course, but there is a free trial of the first few videos:

This is a different scenario, but it demonstrates how that Tag Goal will work:

You are awesome, Greg. Thank you so much for your help, and for introducing me to Monkey Pod in the process! Soooo much exciting stuff to learn!

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Totally my pleasure (and just for Full Disclosure, Monkeypod is my brand. :smile:)

Yep, I saw that. Just goes to show the power of some good content marketing. :wink:

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