Continue sequence while adding contact to new sequence?

We are running a sequence that includes 10 emails throughout a 10 day free trial. We are wanting to check and see if at anytime a contact clicks on the link in the emails to upgrade but does not upgrade. We want to then send a separate email to them about upgrading (while keeping them in the 10 day sequence because it includes other information other than just trying to get them to upgrade).

Right now, we have a sequence that sends the 10 day email series - if someone does upgrade they get exit the sequence, are tagged, and enter another sequence.

I just am wondering what the best logic is to add contacts who click the upgrade link in an email but don’t actually upgrade - they will need to stay in the 10 day sequence but also get some other communication too??

Hope that it is clear? Just don’t want to have people exiting the sequence when they shouldn’t be.

One missing piece of the puzzle and I can probably answer from there: How do you know when they upgrade or more specifically what method or process must they go through to complete the upgrade process?

Oh, good question! to upgrade the contact purchases a product (from within infusionsoft eCommerce) - to be clear they must purchase 1 of a few specific products (membership/subscription products)

Ok, great! So if you create automation links under Marketing->settings and click on the automation links item on the left, you can then create automation links that, when triggered, can raise a tag for each step/stage. So someone clicks an email link use one to raise a tag. When a page loads (in this case, your order page) then that would be another link/tag triggered. When they click a submit/pay button then that would be another and when the order is fully paid/completed then yet another.

Alternatively, you could capture things at given stages based on like when a stage on an opportunity is moved or when a purchase trigger is fired or when an action set is run etc etc (lion’s and tiger’s and bear’s oh my! lol) Point is that there are a lot of options.

Ok cool, thanks for the info. The automation links and tags are what I was thinking of using. Then I’ll create a new campaign to interact with contact based on how far in the process they get. But that way, no matter what, until they actually upgrade, they will remain in my “free trial” sequence.

Thanks for the help!

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Yup, you got it. I think that will work out well for your model :wink: