Contacts not moving into sequences

Hi All,

We do a lot of offline marketing using direct mail and automating the follow up sequences to remind us to follow up via phone and other methods.

Just recently a campaign that has previously worked fine in the past has stopped working the contacts stuck and not progressing. I spoke with Keap support and was advised it was because the email addresses of the contacts are non marketable.

If this is the case when did this change, as we’ve been following a similar process for the last 2-3 years now without this issue.


The email status won’t stop a contact moving through a campaign, it just means that they won’t receive any emails within the campaign, however the tasks etc should still be made.

Are they stopping in a certain sequence, at the end of a sequence etc?

All the best

Hi Andy,

Thanks for confirming that.

There stuck in a pass through sequence before a decision diamond if I’m reading the reporting correctly. The contacts have had the tag’s applied in which the decision diamond is using so they should have moved into one of the 2 follow up sequences.

I did another run through a couple of weeks ago and had no issues at that time. All our other direct mail campaigns have a similar flow or workflow in campaign builder.



Please make sure the Date Range Filter is set to ‘Current’:

Doing this will help us see where contacts are stopping. Once you find where contacts are stopping, please provide additional information regarding which tags are being checked, and when these tags are getting applied.

From there, this information should be helpful in further diagnosing and overcoming the challenge your team is currently experiencing.

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for offering to help. See below screenshot.

The contacts have a tag applied, that has them on deck and this tag is supposed to clear after they have been marked as letter sent, which then moves them to the follow up sequences depending on whether they were sent a letter offering a free report or a free eBook, hence the sequence names. I’ve created 2 sequences to apply the necessary tags for this which you can see in the below screenshot. The goals use a tag category called System at either end of this sequence and through out the campaign to move them between sequences. This also allows us to bulk apply the tags to the letter recipients rather than say using an internal form and having to do each contact one at a time.


I did try and add the System tag for free report and letter sent as an apply tag batch, wondering if possibly this has caused the issue. Tags have been applied to the contacts correctly though.