Time a manual email broadcast to not coincide with a running campaign

I’m trying to send a newsletter to my Database which I want to send out manually as a broadcast. However the issue I’m facing is that there’s another campaign running on the same database which is sending out two emails per month (once every 2 weeks).

The issue I’m facing is that I do not want to spam my contacts with emails, as such I want to add at least a week’s delay between my broadcast and the campaign emails. This would be simple to do if my whole database had been created and put onto the campaign at the same time, however the contacts were added to the database periodically and different contacts are at different points through the campaign. I have no way to time my broadcast email so it’s not delivered, for example, on the next day to the campaign email. Is there a solution to this issue? Any help appreciated.


The only option I could thing of there is to preclude your campaign email sequence with a date timer that sends at the specific days/times you want and be sure to schedule your broadcasts to line up it’s timing accordingly