Is it possible to automate regular e-marketing broadcasts?

I want to create an infusionsoft campaign to automate a weekly sequence of email broadcasts which I’ve already created. Is this possible? I’m not sure how to begin building a campaign sequence to accomplish this.

The idea would probably be to build a campaign with ‘Specific Date Timers’ in it. This will allow for you to add your list, but potentially allow others along the way to join the campaign, as they will skip any emails in the sequence that have a ‘Specific Date Timer’ with a date in the past.

EX: Sequence can start with a specific date timer of ‘run on 12/7/2017 @ 8:00 am’ followed by email 1, followed by another date timer ‘run on 12/14/2017 @ 8:00am’ followed by email 2, and so on.


Infusionsoft is a tool and can do what you describe…but a tool non the less. Start at clearly defining what your objectives are, how it looks for that to happen and then finally, what can be done to get there. IS campaign builder is very flexible and you might find that one goal works better than another to start a campaign with or that one type of timer (date timer or field timer or maybe just a specific delay) fits into your objectives best. It’s most important to first look at what you want to do going from where you are at to where you want to be and then set out on the task of implementing it.