Using Custom Date Field to Kick off Campaign Sequence

We have a web form that asks client to enter their voucher expiration date. This populates a custom field within their contact record with the date a purchase they made from an external vendor expires. I would like to automate my campaign so that once this date has passed an email sequence is triggered. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

Hi, @Joanna_3B. Just start a new “line item” to the sequence that goes to a field timer. Drag a new start icon, then a field timer, then configure the field timer, then the email. It would look like this:


Oh man, you ever have those days where you are in campaign builder for 8908390274983 hours and the most SIMPLE solution doesn’t even cross your mind? Yeah, me either.


No problem! It’s definitely not a very intuitive solution, so don’t be too hard on yourself :blush: